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Flight Planning

Aviation VFR and IFR Charts. Sectional and Terminal Charts. NOS Low Altitude Enroute Charts and Approach Plates.
Airports directory with flight plan calculator. Computes distance, track, heading, ground speed and time en route between US and Canadian locations.
Mobile FAR 91.411 and FAR 91.413 Pitot / Static, Altimeter, and Transponder Certification in the Dallas, Texas metro area.
Exists to ensure the provision of air navigation services for civil aviation communities worldwide.
Cockpitweb: CockPIT IFR training software, Pilot computer test software,pilapt,pilot aptitude test,job application,pilot recruitment, Pilot Training flight and more.
Formulas and on line calculators for aviation navigation.
Provides online flight planning and submission. Includes flight navigation log (printable) for generation of computed flight plans, Java applets for the calculation of wind correction and ground speed, mass and balance, density altitude, flight level, cross wind component and other aviation related calculations.
Flycalc is a web based, navigation tool for New Zealand based flight plans.
Provides navigation services like air traffic control, weather information and many other services.
Source for the electronic Airport Facility Directory, approach plates, the FARs and the AIM.
Includes information on flight schedules and maps for both international and domestic routes.
Shareware flight planning and moving map solution for PC and pocket PC. Instructions and downloads.
A FAA facility providing weather briefings, flight planning assistance, and aviation information crucial to flight.
Flight planning for the private & student pilot made easy. QuDieM Navigator wind computer and free on-line aircraft bookings.
Comprehensive index of flight training schools and flight instructors with profile and photos. Videos of flight and ground instruction
Take Flight Video Productions - The Makers of the Real Life Aviator Video Series! Aviator DVD, Aviator Videos, Real Life Aviator Videos, Real Life Aviator and more.
Non-profit professional society dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of navigation.
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